CCP Examples

Below are 3 examples of satisfactory Continuing Competence Plans (CCPs) that have been previously submitted to the RNANT/NU Registration Committee as part of the RNANT/NU annual CCP auditing process:

  1. CCP Example 1
  2. CCP Example 2
  3. CCP Example 3

As these 3 CCPs illustrate, your yearly CCP does not have to be complicated. It is best to keep it simple, clear, and concise.

  1. Your learning goals/needs should be specific.
    – What do you want to know more about?
    – What do you feel you can improve upon in your current nursing practice?
  2. Your Learning Activities should clearly highlight what you have completed over the course of the year to help you address each learning goal/need. They should be specific.
    – What exactly did you do?
    – When did you do it?
  3. Your Evidence of Evaluation should address your learning goal/need.
    – Did you learn what you wanted to learn?
    – If so, what do you feel you learned? How has what you learned changed, influenced or enhanced your nursing practice? Be specific and include details!
    – If you were unable to complete the learning goal/need, why do you feel this is the case? What are your future plans for addressing the learning goal/need?

If you require additional support in completing your CCP please contact the Director of Regulatory Services and Policy to make an appointment at or 867-873-2745. Appointments are available by phone or in-person.

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