Administration Financial

Title Description
AF1 Travel Expenses
AF2 Budget and Financial Monitoring
AF3 Investment
AF4 Allocation of Surplus
AF5 Signing Authority
AF6 Corporate Credit Card
AF7 Capital Expenditures

Administration General

Title Description
AG1 Access to Membership Lists
AG3 Hospitality
AG4 Appointments - National Committees
AG5 Guidelines for Filling Committee Vacancies
AG6 Research
AG7 Destruction of Election Ballots
AG8 Privacy
AG9 Zero Tolerance

Board Policies

B01 Observers at Board Meetings
B02 Board Orientation and Development
B03 Roles and Responsibilities of the BOD
B04 Conflict of Interest
B05 Attendance at Meetings
B06 Chapters and Interest Groups
B08 Electronic Votes
B09 Voting Delegate Policy for RNANT/NU AGM
B10 Position Statement Policy
B12 Graduate Nurse Awards
B13 Executive Director Relationship
B14 Public Members Honorarium
Honorarium Claim Form

Newsletter Policies

Title Description
N1 Submission Guidelines
N2 Content Objectives

Education Policy

Title Description
E1 Education Program Approval

Professional Conduct Policies

Title Description
PC01 Publication of Professional Conduct Decisions
PC02 Deputy Chair
PC03 Reserve for Professional Conduct
PC04 Alternate Dispute Resolution
PC05 Public Honorarium Policy

Registration Policies

Title Description
R01 Registered Nurse Requirements
R01.1 Registration Policy – Criminal Convictions
R01.2 Registration policy Form
R02 Nurse Practitioner Requirements
R03 Temporary Certificate
R04 Expedited Registration
R05 Annual Renewal
R06 Reinstatement to Active Practice
R07 Registration Violations
R09 Practice Hours for RNs & NPs
R10 Nursing Refresher Program
R11 Continuing Competency Plan
R12 Continuing Competency Plan (CCP) Audit
R16 Fees
R17 Administration
R18 Nurse Practitioner Re-Entry Program
R19 Courtesy License
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