Courtesy Registration

A courtesy registration is for nurses who are eligible to participate in short-term training, education or research projects in the Northwest Territories (NT) or Nunavut (NU). Courtesy licenses will only be issued for identified education, training or research at a specific location for a set amount of time.

Courtesy Registration Information Sheet

Example: Your organization may bring up instructors, who are Registered Nurses (RN), from another province to teach a specialty course like Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). The RN is required to have a courtesy registration.

A courtesy registration is not for direct patient care.

Courtesy licenses can only be issued to a nurse who is registered in good standing in another Canadian jurisdiction and is needed to provide specialized education, training, or research.

The nurse must meet the requirements set out in the Nursing Professions Act (NT 2003 NU (1998). CANNN Bylaws, and Policies.

The decision to issue a courtesy license will be made by the Registrar.

The nurse must provide a letter from the Sponsoring Organization,  Government Department, Agency  and/or Community Health Centre clearly stating the time, dates,  location, and purpose of the education, training and/or research project.

Courtesy licenses will be valid for no more than 14 days with the ability to extend for one 14-day period making the maximum term 28 days.

This license can only be valid in the approved location noted in the  courtesy license information letter.

This license does not allow the RN or NP to practice direct patient care.

Additional limiting conditions can   e specified by the Registrar and will be noted on the license.

Once all required documents have been received and processing fee has been paid, the application is sent to the Registrar for review.

Once approved, the applicant is notified and will be required to pay the full registration fee ($276.42).  Payment form

Bylaw 02 – Registration

Policy R19 – Courtesy Registration

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