In these bylaws, unless the context requires otherwise:

  • Act” means the Nursing Profession Act;
  • Board” means the Board of Directors established pursuant to Section 13 of the Act; and
  • Standards” means the Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
Title Description
Bylaw 01 Membership
Bylaw 02 Registration
Bylaw 03 Fees
Bylaw 04 Continuing Competence
Bylaw 05 Professional Conduct
Bylaw 06 Panel Procedure for Suspension, Pending Outcome of Investigation
Bylaw 07 Chapters and Interest Groups
Bylaw 08 Territorial Regions
Bylaw 09 Board of Directors
Bylaw 10 Executive Committee
Bylaw 11 Executive Director/Registrar
Bylaw 12 Committees
Bylaw 13 Nomination and Voting
Bylaw 14 Corporate Matters
Bylaw 15 Meetings of the Association
Bylaw 16 Division
Bylaw 17 Enactment, Repealing or Amending of Bylaws
Bylaws 18 Repeal of Bylaws
Bylaw 19 Code of Ethics
Bylaw 20 Standards of Practice
Bylaw 21 Dispensing, Compounding, and Packaging Drugs
Bylaw 22 Nursing Registers
Bylaw 23 Public Register
Bylaw 24 Release of Information
Bylaw 25 Professional Conduct Appeal
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