CANNN Expedited Registration

Employer Information: Expedited Certificate

The requirements for an expedited registration as an RN or NP, in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, in an emergency situation to ensure public safety, are listed below.

  • A Certificate for Expedited Registration in an emergency is issued for a maximum of 90 days. It will expire on its expiration date or at the end of the emergency, whichever comes first.
  • There is no renewal of an Expedited Registration. Any nurse who intends to practice in the NT or NU post emergency must apply for initial registration as an RN or NP with CANNN.
  • The NT/NU employer will be required to supply CANNN with the names of nurses who will be applying for an Expedited Registration.
  • Definition: Emergency – requiring expedited registration of nurses. Includes an active, Territorial/Regional outbreak of an acute, life-threatening disease or a natural/man-made disaster requiring additional staff above the normal complement to contain and/or control the outbreak or the results of a disaster. May also be implemented with a Ministers Directive.
  • Please refer to Policy R4: Expedited Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) in an emergency Situation. Click here.

Points to remember

  • Registration is valid for 90 days and cannot be renewed.
  • If the employee chooses to remain in the NT/NU they will need to complete an RN Initial or Reinstatement.

Contact the office with any questions or concerns at or call 867-873-2745

  • Initial or Reinstatement application here. 
  • Information Sharing Consent Form here
  • Government photo identification: A current copy of their Drivers License or Passport, scanned in color and uploaded during online process.
  • Name Change Documents: Marriage or Divorce documents to be scanned and emailed to CANNN
  • Verification will be checked by CANNN from all current and former jurisdictions that the applicant is currently or has ever been registered with.
  • Employer Reference: A verbal reference will be done with their current employer.
  • English Proficiency Exam: Please note that applicants who have not worked in an English speaking/writing environment for the last two years and/or who education was not in English will require passing an English proficiency exam. This exam is only available in southern locations and can take several weeks to be completed.
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