Opportunity to participate in research: Community Registered Nurses and Artificial Intelligence

last updated: May 3, 2023

This research aims to provide a Canadian perspective of how community registered nurses should be involved and prepared to integrate artificial intelligence into clinical practice. Artificial intelligence describes technology that can mimic human-like behaviour (e.g., decision-making). While nurses gather much of the healthcare data, they are not involved with how the data is used in artificial intelligence to inform and improve clinical practice creating a risk that it may not be relevant to nurses who are expected to use the generated outcomes. The study will add insights to expand nurse involvement in artificial intelligence that influences clinical practice.

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Who is conducting the study?

Mary Henderson Betkus, PhD(c), Student
Faculty of Human and Health Sciences
University of Northern British Columbia
Prince George, BC V2N 4Z9
betkusm@unbc.ca 250-613-7507

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